Become a Member

Become a Member

Image: Learn more about the benefits of membership in the Independent Physicians Network.


Established in 1984, Independent Physicians Network, Inc. was developed as a not-for-profit organization by a group of 200 physicians, mostly pediatricians, in response to Wisconsin’s changes to the Medicaid managed care program. Over time, the focus of IPN broadened to include commercial managed care, adult primary care providers, and a full complement of specialists were added. With more than 700 member physicians and more than 500 contracted providers covering all specialties and providing services to commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare members for several managed plans, IPN utilizes all area hospitals and many free-standing centers. Apply for membership in IPN to join and receive the benefits of belonging to a like-minded group of physicians.

IPN’s mission is to develop, protect, and enhance the capabilities of member physicians to maintain a quality practice. Over the past thirty-five years, IPN has successfully demonstrated this mission through services that support independent physicians who provide high-quality health care at an effective cost for their patients. This mission has become a reality by focusing on three strategies.

  • Educating and Supporting IPN Member Physicians
    IPN provides many services and resources to member physicians to assure better management of their patients. To ensure each new member physician understands and upholds its high expectations, all member physicians undergo an orientation process when they first join IPN. The support continues throughout the relationship with IPN through regular meetings with the IPN Medical Directors and staff.
  • Working Closely with IPN Managed Care Plan Partners 
    We provide better patient management and care, IPN works to share critical claim and clinical information with its various health plan partners. This information is utilized to identify high-risk patients and clinical trends and patterns.
  • Improving Quality and Lowering Costs
    IPN takes many actions to improve the overall health of our patients and lower healthcare costs for the benefit of patients and independent practices. By working with physicians and implementing patient outreach programs, IPN helps to identify and proactively treat patients to increase compliance with preventive services, treatment of chronic diseases, and identify those with high-risk diagnoses.

Shared Resources

Through an association with IPN, member physicians and their patients will experience benefits unavailable through many other Independent Physician Associations. There is no fee to join or be accredited through IPN. With higher credentialing standards than NCQA, member physicians can be assured in the credentialing services offered through IPN. To assure consistent quality care is being provided, IPN’s member physician review process is ongoing.

IPN member physicians are a part of a network of reliable independent physicians and organizations that make following your patients throughout their treatment accessible. Within this network, you and your patients will have access to:

  • Over 700 referring member physicians covering all adult and many pediatric specialties
  • Over 500 contracted providers including podiatrists, chiropractors, oral surgeons, optometrists, therapists, nurses and physician assistants
  • All Milwaukee and surrounding area hospitals and freestanding centers that provide access to imaging, laboratory, and therapy sites

This arrangement allows IPN member physicians to monitor their patients through the entire course of their treatment to improve the overall quality of healthcare their patients receive. Through preventive services and quality, cost-effective medical care, IPN affords its member physicians the ability to monitor every aspect of their patients’ care.

Better Patient Care

Better physicians provide better patient care, and IPN allows physicians to be their best and to focus on providing exemplary patient care. While the consolidation of the health care industry has isolated independent practitioners, IPN unifies independent physicians and promotes them individually through a supportive network that enables each practitioner to improve their overall outcomes from their patients.

As there aren’t enough hours in the day to practice medicine and monitor the everchanging rules involved with being an independent physician, IPN offers support for administrative services that allow physicians to focus on what they do best: practice medicine.

Through its continued support of independent physicians, IPN allows independent physicians to remain independent physicians!